Black Sesame Kitchen

28 Zhonglao Hutong
Dongcheng District, Beijing, China
phone: +86-136-9147-4408
WeChat: BlackSesameKitchen


If using a map app to find us, please type in our address rather than our name:  28 Zhong Lao Hutong

If it does not show up in English, try copying and pasting the Chinese characters: 北京东城区 中老胡同28号

On Apple Maps, our partner organization, Sihe College (the Courtyard Institute) may show up.

Please note that Google Maps only works in China with a VPN.  (We recommended you download a VPN prior to arriving in China if you use Google and social media apps!)


If taking a taxi or Chinese Uber (Didi), we recommend getting dropped off at the corner of Zhong Lao Hutong and Shatan Bei Jie near the Red Wall hotel and walking down Zhong Lao Hutong, which runs along the south side of the hotel. From the drop-off point, it is a pleasant 3-5 minute walk east. (Please be warned: cars do get stuck in our narrow alley!) Our location does not permit signage, so look for address number #28 and two red lanterns.

Here is what you should show the driver to get the drop-off location:  


“Qing nin dai wo qu: Zhong Lao Hutong he Shantan Bei Jie, Hong Qiang Fandian de menkou.”

Which means “Please take me to the intersection of Zhong Lao Hutong and Shanta Bei Jie, in front of Red Wall Hotel.”

And please call us if you get lost - we’re here to help! +86-1369-147-4408



Located in a traditional courtyard near the moat of the Forbidden City, Black Sesame Kitchen opened in 2008. The cooking school and dining space developed out of founder Jen Lin-Liu’s passion for Chinese food. A Chinese-American writer, Jen has shared her travel and cooking experiences in China and around the world in two culinary memoirs, Serve the People and On the Noodle Road. Jen originally started Black Sesame Kitchen in a small space within a traditional Chinese courtyard shared among eight families in the back alleys of Beijing. Creating an open kitchen and dining room, she invited friends over to cook, wine, dine, and socialize. Since then, Black Sesame Kitchen has expanded into its own courtyard and has received numerous awards and honors, including being mentioned in 1,000 Places to See Before You Die. Jen’s original cooking mentor Zhang Aifeng leads the team as Black Sesame Kitchen’s executive chef, along with dining manager Coco Yue.


Our Partner

The Courtyard Institute — A nonprofit foundation that works to promote hutong preservation and children’s education of Chinese culture.


Black Sesame Kitchen serves one of the best red-braised pork bellies in the world. —TasteAtlas China

"Booking is essential — it gets rave reviews." — Lonely Planet

"Smart cookie, that Jen Lin-Liu [founder of Black Sesame Kitchen]. She knows the world loves a great Chinese chef.” — Washington Post

Rated one the top Beijing restaurants on TripAdvisor, 2015-2019